Sunday Sentiments – Inspiration

Weekly Sentiments – Inspiration

If you missed my first-ever post, I named my blog Savage Sentiments based on the recommendation of my sister-in-law, Rachel. I’m sure anyone who has started a blog, picked a wedding hashtag (still need one), named a company, etc. understands how incredibly difficult it can be. However when I was telling her I wanted to start a site and shared my struggle of coming up with a name, without hardly any hesitation she suggested Savage Sentiments.

The first half, Savage. While the literal definition isn’t necessarily spot on, its adjectives “ferocious, fierce” reflect the assertiveness I’ve always loved about my last name. Although I will retire my surname later this year when I get married, I’m happy I can have a home such as this blog to refer back to and develop into the future.

The second half, Sentiments. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am an emotional, sensitive and passionate person which aligns itself nicely against the official Webster Dictionary definition:

    • an attitude, thought, or judgment prompted by feeling
    • a specific view or notion
    • emotion
    • refined feeling: delicate sensibility especially as expressed in a work of art
    • emotional idealism
    • a romantic or nostalgic feeling verging on sentimentality 
    • an idea colored by emotion
    • the emotional significance of a passage or expression as distinguished from its verbal context

After she suggested the name over Christmas, the more and more I thought about it, the more I knew the name was perfect. The combination of nodding to my family roots and the word ‘sentiments’ truly resonated with me and how I view the world.

It took nearly three more months from that point for me to work up the courage to ‘publicly’ announce I was going to launch my blog to friends & family. Even though I was excited at the prospect of having something to pour my passion into outside of my job, the thought of failing to create a perfect platform stopped me dead in my tracks. And once I did overcome that negativity and announce my intentions? The same thing, the voice in my head constantly reminded me that my pictures wouldn’t be good enough, that my content wouldn’t be compelling and no one would appreciate my voice. Why was I really going to waste my time, anyway?

Then a funny thing happened, and I don’t need Webster to tell me the definition of ‘inspiration.’ The day I announced my blog on Instagram some people liked the post, some people followed my new account. Some friends sent me direct IG messages saying following my passion was inspiring and others shot me texts congratulating me (of course Rachel was the first!) And then in an extremely confused state I opened a congratulations card from my brother, Zachary and my other sister-in-law, Emily (their six-month old son, signed it too). My knee jerk reaction was that they must have sent me a card by mistake, I hadn’t done anything worthy of the holy grail of snail mail – a handwritten card. But in their eyes I had, and it simply said “congratulations for starting the blog and keep up the good work”.

After I dried my impromptu tears (again, emotional) I realized inspiring people to take action, however big or small is the compelling common denominator of why I want to create content in the first place. Cook up dinner for yourself, make a pizza from scratch for your friend. Try out that restaurant down the street, join the wine club you’ve always been interested in. Get yourself to the gym and change your mind, body and spirit. Buy your neighborhood new-mom a baby gift, interview for the new position, go on a first date. Inspire yourself to take action. No one person can cover all of these topics and influence everyone to find their passion, by no means is that my goal. But I do hope that continuing to develop, define and create my inspiration in turn inspires others to do the same for themselves. There are certainly hundreds upon thousands of people that are the true definition of inspiration, I am self aware enough to realize that I am not doing anything groundbreaking. I just happen to think some of life’s everyday moments and passions need a spark of inspiration, and having friends, family, coworkers, a community surrounding you to encourage said inspiration is a pretty awesome thing.

And PS just in case I did look up the definition of ‘inspiration’ and it reads pretty spot on to me:

  1. A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation
  2. The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

I gain inspiration from all sources, but particularly when I have time to sit back and think with a cup of coffee, some cookbooks and magazines and my own thoughts. I plan to share a different sentiment each week, starting today. I have a feeling ‘inspiration’ will come up again very soon.


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