Welcome to Savage Sentiments – Why I Started This Blog

Welcome to Savage Sentiments – Why I Started This Blog
Hi friend, thank you for being here! I thought I’d do a quick hello and share my intention for my blog & this page, as I’ve been MIA for a few months.
They say you can look to the seeds of your childhood to point you towards your future passions. I’ve always very much enjoyed writing, so there’s that element. While playing “jobs” with my siblings and friends I always “owned” the neighborhood grocery store and market. I’ve truly enjoyed grocery shopping, farmers markets and local gift shops my entire life. My ultimate dream is to have a little food shop of my own someday.
The oldest of six children, we ate meals that were made in ‘bulk’ – lasagna, casseroles, soups, spaghetti, big bowls of simple salad and buttered bread. As an adult it’s easy to appreciate the thought, planning and effort it took for my amazing parents to feed 8 humans every night. We always had dinner together and it’s a tradition I hope to carry on with my own family.
I spent several of my teenage years/early 20s as a server in fine dining. During that time I grew an appreciation for restaurants and new dishes and cuisines I hadn’t grown up eating. Scallops, risotto, tartare, gorgonzola crusted filet, sea bass and truffle fries entered my repertoire that I had frankly never tried before. My career (which has included a heavy amount of dining out), my personal curiosity and travel further broadened my horizons. Unequivocally, some of my favorite moments have been eating out on those trips, frequently by myself and other times lucky to be with dear friends or my husband. Cacio e Pepe in Rome, Patitsio in Greece, truffles in Barolo, foie gras and croissants in Paris, ahi tuna in Maui, fresh pasta, herbs and pork chops in Yountville.
But at the end of the day, my heart is in the Midwest and my ultimate happy is at home. While I absolutely love dining out, I have the same level excitement hosting a celebration or attending a dinner at a friend’s home. I enjoy sharing my favorite easy recipes, simple tips for entertaining or just making a Tuesday feel special because for me, those are the best moments. Things I will never claim to be; a recipe developer, stylist or a food expert. I just enjoy food. 
On my blog you’ll find my suggestions from Trader Joe’s and Costco to host a few friends or loved ones. You’ll see me cobble together a cheese plate, which by the way I only assemble every few weeks (we eat more than cheese in this household!) You’ll see little tips I find helpful to make dinner feel special, to make your life easier and maybe give you an idea of what to set out for happy hour, breakfast or lunch. And occasionally, I’ll sprinkle in a dose of beauty, lifestyle or wellness to round out the calories. 
Finally, as a devoted mother, wife and full time employee, much of my time is focused on work and my family. My posts here are a small creative window into a full life I don’t openly share on Instagram. I’m not chasing after followers, will promise to never again do a purposeless giveaway and you won’t see much of my daughter or private life. I firmly believe in boundaries, something that has intensified since becoming a mother. With that said, I do love connecting with people and would be so happy to hear from you on my posts, privately via DM or email.
Thank you again for being here. I hope you gain a little something from Savage Sentiments.

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