Trader Joe’s Fall Haul

Trader Joe’s Fall Haul

Hello, October! It’s hard to believe that we are moving into the Holiday season, but before we start thinking about turkeys and stockings, I’m going to be fully embracing all things FALL.

Of course that includes my first trip of the season to Trader Joe’s. In the days of COVID, it doesn’t feel as much fun as it has in the past, mostly because I’m breezing through aisles. I’m not wanting to spend as much time exploring as I have in the past, but I also know what I’m looking for – crackers, treats, frozen pizzas & appetizers. And then any other things that might jump out at me, seasonal sauces, chips, cookies, etc.

This year I was in and out in about 20 minutes and bought the following. I’m sharing the items I really enjoyed and the ones I could have lived without.

Items I Enjoyed

  • This Pumpkin Walked Into a Bar – They are a little on the drier side, but I like these bars as an easy breakfast or snack-on-the-go.
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip – This is new, at least to me and I LOVE it. Maybe I’ve just been craving Buffalo dip lately, but I really enjoy this and the level of spice. I eat it with the Fall Leaf tortilla chips!
  • Fall Leaf Tortilla Chips – These are so cute and a great addition to the pantry! I’ll have to try them with the Harvest Salsa from TJ’s next time.
  • Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps – Always a staple in my cart! They are a great addition to any cheeseboard and are a fraction of the cost of “Rainforest Crisps.”

Items I Would Skip Next Time

  • Petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies – Some people love these, but I personally find them a little too sweet from the artificial spice.
  • Pumpkin Kringle – I was realllly excited to try this, and perhaps I’m on more of a salty than sweet kick, but again this was too sweet for me. I keep it in the fridge so I can cut off a sliver when I want it, but I would liken it more to a doughnut than anything else. I’ll have to try it again in the morning (vs. as dessert) with my coffee!

What are your favorite finds of the season? Comment or email me anytime at




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