Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

This year I have found such comfort in the walls of my home with my husband and my 7-month old daughter. There is little need to go shopping, maintain a social calendar, get myself prepped and ready to get dressed up outside of the house. Therefore, I haven’t done much shopping because it just seems unnecessary.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has always been a fun ‘event’ of the Summer I look forward to, with my eyes on Fall. Believe it or not, before Fall was ‘basic’ it was my favorite season, and I used the Nordstrom sale as my reason to do a majority of clothing shopping for the year. I loved having my new booties, jackets, skirts and sweaters tucked away and ready-to-go once the temperatures dropped. Given 2020 has had a much different focus, I’m still looking forward to the sale but I’m approaching it with more mindfulness on both my closet and my wallet. I’ve outlined my favorite picks below, and will be limiting myself to a couple of staples I will get lots of use of at home, a few beauty indulgences and a couple of things for my daughter. Because it’s still her first Fall, after all!

You can preview the ENTIRE sale online now at Nordstrom where you can also discover the date you are eligible to shop. I’ll be logging online next week, August 13th 🙂

Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas These are hands down the item I am most looking forward to buying during the sale, and my most worn piece of clothing. Yes, they’re pajamas but I rotate between the three sets I own every night and the easily carried me through my entire pregnancy as well. This year I’m buying a size smaller (s) given I’m no longer pregnant. If you’re expecting simply size up, they fit and hang perfectly on a growing belly.


Spanx Faux Leather Leggings I am obsessed with these leggings and usually purchase a pair each season to have a fresh rotation in my closet. I’ve started sizing up (to medium) as they are more comfy, and of course more forgiving! Post pregnancy I felt like these really helped ‘hold me back in’ vs. postpartum belts that I found uncomfortable and didn’t want to wear.

I’ve really been trying to follow the fewer/better rule when it coms to wardrobe staples. Last winter, I wrote the same $20 sweater over and over and it didn’t last me until the end of the season. This year I’ll be spending a bit more than usual and hopefully getting use of this sweater for seasons to come.


The absolute best bra. Comfortable all day long and worked with me throughout my entire pregnancy and then afterwards while nursing. A must-buy! 

Forever my husband’s favorite shirt I wear, I buy one of these every year. It can be worn with jeans, a skirt or with leggings and a sweater across seasons!

My daughter *might be walking by the time it’s cool enough to wear these, but if not they will still look precious on her!

I don’t know that I need to further explain these – my girlfriend got Isabelle a pair of black ones when she was born. Adding these cute neutral pink ones to the list!

Other items from the sale on my wish list…


I might snag this sweater as well to wear with leggings!

I’m a sucker for hats and think these will now be acceptable for Zoom work calls, yes?


For moments when I’m not wearing a mask/work calls or date nights!


One Barefoot Dreams item is enough and this is the perfect piece to throw on over leggings and a t-shirt, dresses or even pj’s!

I fell in love with the caramel lip balm this past Winter, feels very hydrating and has a lovely scent.

The perfect casual staple

I’m not going to lie, I’m partial to the Lululemon leggings but these are my next runner up!


In these days and times we ALL need an extra pair of joggers


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