Stationery Refresh with Basic Invite

Stationery Refresh with Basic Invite

In a year riddled with messages to ‘stay at home’ and ‘keep our distance,’ finding ways to stay connected is more important than ever. Technology has been a saving grace for many of us in many different ways. I personally feel thankful I can pick up the phone and FaceTime a loved one to tell them I miss them. I can Zoom with friends and virtually cheers each other since we can’t host parties in our home. But there’s also the unmistakable nostalgia and comfort only ‘snail mail’ can provide.

Like most of us feel all around the world, I miss many aspects of our ‘normal’ lives. While I dream about the day we can get together like the good-old-days, there are still little things I can do to make the days feel more special. As someone who genuinely enjoys writing, sometimes sending love or well wishes in an email or text falls flat. When I found Basic Invite, I knew I had discovered a new source to add a bit of joy back into my connections. It helps me add a touch of personalized sentiment that I think the recipient will enjoy as well. I worked with them to refresh my stationery collection for handwritten thank you’s for myself, my blog and my daughter. I also mocked up a couple of invites – one for a socially-distant picnic, and another for a Holiday party that I’m fantasizing will be possible by year’s end.

The thing I love the most about Basic Invite is the ability to customize colors of each element of the card. As I mentioned, I knew I wanted a few thank you cards and a couple of invites. I’m all about having a personal ‘color palette.’ In a wardrobe, in a home and in other areas of their life that can be personalized. I love the ability to select from almost unlimited color options on every element of the card. Even if different pieces of stationery may have different tones, for example a red picnic blanket, I was able to change it to grey to better aesthetically match my style. My changes are instantly updated in the preview, so I can play around with colors. If I want to see a sample in-person before ordering a whole batch of something, I can order sample(s) to ensure it’s perfect. This would be especially helpful if you were planning a big event like a wedding!

I designed five different cards with the intent to send out thank you cards for my business, my husband and I and for my daughter. Of course at six months she hasn’t mastered writing quite yet, but she owes a lot of people a lot of thank you’s for generous gifts since she was born. As I said above, I also designed one for “Christmas in July,” mostly me fantasizing about hosting around the Holidays. If I can’t host, I’m still planning to create our family’s holiday cards on their site. While it’s currently 90 degrees out, it will be my little family’s first Holiday season together. Our daughter, Isabelle will be nearly a year old so it’s kind of fun to think about that time of the year. I’ll definitely be tapping into their photo Christmas cards so I can show off whatever festive outfits I subject my husband and Isabelle to!

Sadly, we don’t know when this pandemic will end. We don’t know when we’ll be able to embrace our lives in the way we are ‘used’ to. But we can make it a little more unique, a little more personalized with custom stationery. I think it’s even better than a virtual hug. I’d consider it more of an in-person hello, an unexpected visit that will help brighten anyone’s day. And if you’re lucky enough, maybe it gives you a memorable touch to host a small gathering for an outdoor picnic or in a few months Christmas party invitations. Basic Invite has countless options for weddings, baby announcements, celebrations, general stationery and more based on your needs. A preview of the invites/cards I created are below!

Basic Invite is offering my readers a 15% discount so you can give it a try using coupon code: 15FF51

Do you enjoy sending friends & family actual mail? Let me know in the comments or email me anytime at And you can stay in-the-know with Basic’s Invites latest offerings by following them below!

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