Savage Six Self-Care Series: My Body Skincare Routine

Savage Six Self-Care Series: My Body Skincare Routine

Today I’m sharing my favorite six products I use in and out of the shower to keep my skin soft & healthy all year round.

When it came to prepping for my wedding, my biggest areas of focus the two months leading up to the big day were around exercise, nutrition and skincare. While I was really focused on my facial skincare, I also wanted to ensure that the skin on my back was clear and that my arms were soft before slipping into my dress.

I tend to get rough patches on the back of my arms and legs, and I can always use more hydration all around. These six products, in addition to drinking plenty of water helped get my skin into wedding dress-ready shape! Not to mention my routine is simple enough that I’ve fully integrated it into my everyday routine, and you can easily too.

  1. Dove Dry Oil Body Wash Scent is a really personal choice, but I love the fragrance these suds give up when lathered up in the shower. I also like the coconut jasmine and I especially like that the scent doesn’t linger.
  2. One Love Organics Antioxidant Body Serum I have talked about this as a skincare favorite a few times. During the summer I would apply it everywhere except my chest and arms, as it was too oily for my chest. I used the next product recommendation for my arms. I love when I shower right before bed and apply this serum at night so it locks in hydration while I sleep.
  3. Amlactin I really wanted my arms to be smooth for the wedding day, and the backs of my arms can give me trouble. I was chatting with a coworker about wedding day prep, and her dermatologist had recommended this cream for her legs to avoid irritation from shaving. This cream worked like a charm, and even better it’s under $6 from your local pharmacy or Target.
  4. Nivea Intense Healing Body Lotion A friend recommended this lotion to me last summer and it’s been a staple ever since! It’s creamy but not oily and sets into your skin quickly. I used this body lotion all over except on my arms while I was using the Amlactin.
  5. Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish In all honesty, my favorite scrub is the Lavender Apple from Sabon, but the store near my office closed. This Herbivore Body Polish can be found everywhere from Nordstrom to Sephora to Anthropologie. If you like the smell of rose water, you’ll love this polish! It’s not necessarily my favorite, but beyond the scent the product was really effective at sloughing off dry skin. I used it about once a week.
  6. Mederma Scar Treatment Gel This is by far the ‘least sexy’ item on the list, but one of the most effective. It should really be used as soon as you notice a blemish on your skin that could scar. But regardless, I used this on a couple of spots on my arms that significantly faded. This is great product to have on-hand in the event of accidental nicks or cuts.

I hope you find one or two new products that you’ll love and addd to your routine! What are your favorite skincare products? Comment or email me anytime at




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