Savage Six: A few of my favorite spots in Chicago for pretty pics

Savage Six: A few of my favorite spots in Chicago for pretty pics

Chicago is definitely a beautiful city! Whether you are enjoying rooftop drinks or a stroll along Lake Michigan, here are six of my favorite places throughout the Windy to have an ‘Instagrammable’ moment.

I’m just as much of a sucker for a stunning image of a city’s skyline as I am for a sunrise or sunset. Living in Chicago, it can be easy to take for granted just how beautiful the city is. After an evening of drinks on the London House rooftop, I thought I’d do a quick post and share some scenic spots around the Windy City for some pictures of the city or with a friend.

  1. Green Street Smoked Meats Alley I may or may not have a ‘thing’ for this pretty little alley in the West Loop. Tucked between Green Street and RM Champagne Salon, this alley has amazing light reflecting off of it, particularly in the middle of the day. The string lights and the painted brick make it another popular choice for pictures and it’s one place that really tops my list.
  2. London House Rooftop – You can access the rooftop space from the 21st floor after enjoying a cocktail (or two) in the Lounge. The view is facing West, overlooking several bridges and the famous ‘Corn Cob towers’. Come just before sunset for the best views of the city, when the light hits the water just right and the traffic adds a warm glow to the streets.
  3. Lincoln Park Bridge Over South Pond – If you find yourself strolling through Lincoln Park on a weekend, you will likely bump into a few happily engaged couples snapping pictures with their photographer. Go early morning for a chance to beat the crowds and grab some beautiful photos. This bridge is right next to the boardwalk, another one of my favorites.
  4. Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk – We came here on a weekend for our engagement pictures, and it was just too crowded to get the picture I really wanted, one standing right in the middle of the ‘honeycomb’. We snapped some pics directly to the left of the boardwalk, which arguably were just as pretty with the city in the background and the colors from the field. This is at the top of my list for places to shoot next, but it can be tricky with how popular the spot gets during the day.
  5. Cindy’s Rooftop – Their site claims ‘panoramic views of Millennium Park’ and this spot certainly delivers. Grab a drink year-round and head outside for a stunning view overlooking ‘the Bean’ and a partial view of the water.
  6. Kinzie Street Bridge in River North – Google it! Another popular spot for engaged couples and even wedding day photos, the bridge prettily frames the river and creates a wonderful balance between the architecture and the winding body of water throughout the city.

Where are some of your favorite places for photos in the city?


Wall against Green Street Meats
Alley between RM Champagne & Green Street Meats
North Avenue Beach
Lincoln Park – Directly to the Left of the ‘Bridge’
View from the London House Private Event Room

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