Savage Six: My 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

Savage Six: My 2019 New Year’s Resolutions
All pictures by Hannah Schweiss Photography

2018 was an awesome year. I married a wonderful man, started a ‘new’ job and finally took the leap and started my blog! It definitely came with its challenges, and it has been a lot of hard work. I’ve found myself discouraged and disappointed as well as elated and encouraged. But one thing I love about the New Year is the chance to reflect on everything and hit the refresh button for the upcoming year.

I love making New Year’s Resolutions. They’re not for everyone, and certainly they can feel a bit wishy washy. Multiple sources I referenced (Forbes, Business Insider & HuffPost) claim only 8% of people actually KEEP their resolutions. This year I am determined to set achievable goals that tie back to my core values and really the mission of this blog, to live an inspired, confident life. I’m sharing the Savage Six core resolution categories I’m focusing on for 2019 are below. It might seem like I have a LOT of resolutions, but I like to think of them as a continuation of what I’ve achieved in 2018. Plus, I made sure they are “SMART” goals to help me succeed. What are your goals for the New Year?

1. Mental Health

Complete Self Esteem Workbook within First Three Months of the Year

 One thing I am really passionate about in life is encouraging young women to be confident and focus on their self-esteem. It has been something I’ve struggled with much of my life, mostly when I was younger aka the lovely middle/highschool years, but certainly it still rears itself in my adult life today. This might sound completely ridiculous, but earlier this year a mentor suggested I purchase a workbook for teenager’s self esteem (you can find it here.) I had very good intentions of finishing the workbook before our wedding, but it got away from me and I’ve only done a few pages. Of course some of it is irrelevant but overall, I think it will be a good exercise for me to complete. While my confidence has grown leaps & bounds over the past few years,

Meditate 3x/week

Said mentor also got me into meditating, which has taken a major back burner over the past few months. It definitely helped me during stressful times this year, and also helps me fall asleep while traveling. I find it to be calming and and also empowering, and find it especially useful to help me naturally narrate a positive story. s is meditating more regularly. Meditating in particular helped calm me at stressful times this year, especially helping me get to sleep while traveling. I haven’t meditated in months and it’s something I’d like to prioritize again moving forward.

Read 1 book/month

As a child, you could either find me reading, writing or playing outside. I love reading but have really not made the time for it this year! My goal is to read at least 1 book once a month. My phone gets all of my idle attention, especially at night/commuting to work. I’d like to spend some of that time reading again, whether it’s a favorite cookbook (I am kind of weird but I LOVE sitting and reading them!) a fun romcom or I also enjoy non-fiction books related to health and psychology.

2. Physical Health 

Drink 64 ounces of water per day

This is one goal that is almost ALWAYS on my list, and really should be easy to achieve. I try and carry a water bottle around with me wherever I go, including work, the gym, road trips and even to friends’ houses! If I have it next to me, it’s much easier to remember to fill up. My preference is iced water and if I’m home, with a squeeze of lemon. I look and feel so much better when I’m hydrated!

Workout 5x/week

For me, working out will always be a priority. I put it at the top of my list of things to complete on a nearly daily basis (even if I don’t particularly want to!) Years ago I heard someone state that one of the first questions a Doctor will ask you if you feel depressed is whether or not you workout. As much for my physical being, I workout for my mental health. I feel lighter, less agitated and have more energy when I’m able to squeeze in a workout. My favorites are Lagree, Pure Barre, Barry’s & Soul Cycle. You can read more about my fitness routine in this post I wrote a few months ago. Five times a week is still pretty attainable for me, but I would like to ensure that weeks when I travel or I’m on vacation I’m more diligent about getting in some exercise!

Eat Healthfully & Take Daily Vitamins

After my little shtick about creating SMART goals, this one may seem really broad! However, for the most part I do eat healthy. I won’t shy away from indulging on a pasta recipe at home or going out for steaks or ordering in deep dish a couple of times a week. It’s all about balance! During the week, I usually have an RxBar for breakfast and a salad with lots of veggies and avocado for lunch. I started taking vitamins leading up to the wedding and that has become an easy addition to my routine.

3. Blogging Goals

3 blog posts/week, network 1x/month with other bloggers, Consistent fresh posts to Instagram

The biggest goal I’ve achieved related to blogging in 2018 was getting started! I toyed with the ideas of starting a blog for YEARS, and honest to goodness one of my biggest regrets to date is not having started sooner. But as they say, hindsight is 20/20. All I can do is move forward and focus on what I want to achieve in the future, which is quite a lot!

I launched my blog in early March, and almost immediately stopped publishing again until the end of April. I wasn’t happy with my photos, I wanted more time to think about my content strategy, I felt insecure about posting pictures of myself and so on and so on. There have been days and even a week here or there where I haven’t posted to Instagram or haven’t published content to this site, the latter of which was always my priority. Although people can easily say ‘you make time for the things you really care about’, there simply wasn’t enough time in the day. Between planning the wedding, rebooting my career, nurturing my relationships and also very importantly taking care of myself, unfortunately the blog scooted down on my list of priorities.

After our wedding and into the New Year, I have really tried to be more committed to my blog. A couple of weeks ago I was super excited to be accepted into Like to Know It, an affiliate link program that in many ways can help me gain exposure and monetize my site. I also view it as a really great resource to meet and potentially collaborate with other bloggers, which I know I could use!

I truly love the writing, outlining content calendars, brainstorming ideas on my own/with friends & capturing beautiful photos to create an appealing website and social feeds. For everyone out there who is reading and/or following along, I thank you so very much for being a part of this journey with me! As always, if you have suggestions for content you would like to see, email me Posts you’ve indicated you’d like to see more of include healthy eating/recipes, beauty/skincare, everyday style and wellness routine. But I’m always open to your thoughts!

4. Career 

Network 1/Quarter, Travel every 2-3 weeks, Set up 6-8 meetings/week

2018 was a challenging year for me when it came to my career. It had been progressing nicely going into 2018 when it somewhat unexpectedly changed with the acquisition of Time Inc. by Meredith Corp. It was unknown from January – April if I would be able to keep my job (I am in Digital Advertising Sales), who my boss would be, what team I would be a part of, all of this if I was to be offered a new role at Meredith. The first few months of the year were difficult for me, as I struggled to re-channel my self-worth from being anchored in my career to other areas in my life. I will reluctantly admit I had many sad days in those months. Of course I could have gone out and found a new job, but I really wanted to stay with the company. (I can be loyal to a fault!) Come mid-April, I was lucky enough to be placed on a new team and hold onto my job. It was time to move forward with my new role and again prove myself to all new management within a challenging marketplace. Ben had a frank conversation with me from the very beginning that provided me with a lot of motivation for the rest of the year. In short he encouraged me to work hard, be a team player and reinvest my energy back into my innate drive to win and to succeed.

I am proud to have created a solid foundation in my new job this year, and am confident I will see the payoffs from my work in 2019. Next year, my main priority will be to continue to be dedicated, hardworking and really commit myself to my job. For me that means a whole host of different things such as traveling, thoroughly prepping for meetings, engaging with clients and maintaining a positive attitude. I see this as a year where I can win big and hopefully really propel myself forward successfully.

5. Financial Health

Focus on Savings for House, Spend 5% of Income on Clothes

For any of my married readers out there, you know all too well that the year of your wedding is a pretttty pricey one. We had an amazing wedding, and we were fortunate enough everything we could have asked for on our special day. Without any major parties on the horizon in 2019, our goal is to heavily contribute to our savings. We both are individually fiscally responsible, so it will be exciting to see our goals grow together next year. We’d like to someday soon invest in a home together, and hopefully in our child/children’s future from then!

Finally, I want to be sure that I am shopping really consciously and within a budget. It’s easy these days to mindlessly shop, or spontaneously buy things on a whim. Knowing that my end goals are much bigger than an outfit (e.g. a home/children) my budget should reflect that. I will keep sharing outfit/style posts but they’ll reflect key pieces I have in my wardrobe that I wear again and again!

6. Appreciate the Present

My final goal within my Savage Six resolutions is again, a pretty broad one. But it’s one that I instilled in 2018, and I want to do my best to live in the present again in 2019. I had a lot to look forward to towards the end of this year, but I promised myself I’d try to be as present as possible. Looking back, I can happily say that I did a pretty good job of enjoying each day as it came along. In a world where it seems like each day, each month and each year passes more quickly than the last, I think it’s priceless to value the present.

Happy New Year’s, friends! What are your goals for 2019?




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