Savage Six – Bridesmaid Details!

Savage Six – Bridesmaid Details!

Today I’m sharing some of the details from our wedding, specific to my bridesgals. (I refuse to call them ‘maids’, their sole ‘duties’ were to get dressed up and drink champagne with me!)

Without a doubt, some of the most important people in my life are my girlfriends. I truly love them like family, they have been there for some of the absolute best, beautiful moments of my life and they have also been there for some of the darkest. I hesitate to use the word ‘blessed’ as it’s so overused, but I am nothing but blessed to have so many amazing women in my life. For our big day, I had six bridesmaids, two from three of the key chapters in my life – college/growing up in Ohio, my life in Chicago and the years I spent in New York. Actually, it has never dawned on me until this moment but I suppose you could say they were my Savage Six!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been in enough weddings that I know what I enjoy (and sometimes what I don’t!) about being a bridesmaid. Without a doubt, going through an hour or two of taking pictures is the least fun part, but I also didn’t want my girls to have any ‘duties’ beyond showing up and enjoying the morning with me. Surprisingly enough, regardless of the fact that I would have thought I would be nervous the day of my wedding, being with my girlfriends made me feel completely calm. We had fun getting our hair and makeup done and drinking champagne in our silk robes, just like I’ve done at different stages of my life with my lovely ladies. Whether it was growing up in Columbus (my sister Steph), reminiscing about the night before in college (Jordan), getting ready for a night out on the town in Chicago as post-collegiate adults (Laura), a spontaneous trip to Napa (Andrea), sleeping over in her apartment after I left NY (Prudence), or many trips abroad to Italy/Amsterdam (Caitlin); I have drank wine/champagne and girl-talked many-a-times with my girlfriends in our PJ’s, funny as that may sound.

Below are the details of items I bought for my bridesgals to make the morning feel special and most importantly, fun!

  1. Robes Of all of the appointments I had dress shopping, I only had someone with me for the very first one at BHLDN. While we were waiting to go back to the fitting room we perused through the pretty finds in the store and Laura proclaimed that ‘all she wanted as a bridesmaid was a silk robe to get ready in.’ I’m not really a pattern girl and stumbled upon LeRose, who had a great selection and reasonable prices. I bought my girls the Lauren Lace robes as the ones I had initially selected were sold out. I picked the ‘champagne’ color and got myself a long, white robe which has now been marked down, you can find my robe here! I thought they looked really beautiful in person and in pictures, but note they are not 100% satin/silk. I’m glad I made the decision to steam them so they were ready for the girls to put on once they were all in the suite. We hung the tags around each hanger and I wrote their names on each so they knew which was theirs.jes-ben-wedding-highlights-33.jpgCouldn’t have asked for a better morning with these loves!
  2. jes-ben-wedding-highlights-32.jpg

    Champagne Glasses When thinking about my ideal morning, again I kept falling back to getting pretty & drinking champagne with the girls. Instead of having regular champagne glasses from room service in the picture, I poked around on Etsy for a bit and stumbled upon Cambridge Avenue. The shop has amazing reviews and they were awesome to work with. I went with the stemless champagne flutes (you can find them here!) with gold script (looks silver from behind) and all of the girls names, including one for me that said ‘bride.’ They turned out so pretty and are a nice little touch to the pictures! They are also really affordable, each one was about $8. Oh yes, and I bought a couple bottles of Veuve from Costco. That is DEFINITELY the way to go if you’re popping bottles on your big dajes-ben-wedding-highlights-2Glasses from Cambridge Avenue on Etsy

  3. jes-ben-wedding-highlights-4

    Hair My wedding planner highly recommended The Bride Bar, linked under both ‘hair’ and makeup. Sarah Whittaker, who you can find here on Instagram and all of her gorgeous hairstyles did all of the bridesmaids hair. I really don’t think I realized until the day of how similar in color all of the girls hair was, I appreciate them letting me be the only ‘blonde’ :). They all chose their own styles with Sarah, and I loved each of them! I had my own hair person, more on that later. Sarah was a really sweet addition to our morning, looking stylish in her hat, suggesting styles for the girls who were unsure and playing music while we all got ready.

  4. and Makeup Ty from The Bride Bar did all of the girls makeup as well as mine and I was OBSESSED. It also feels a little tricky getting your makeup done for a wedding, for example my sister wears really light makeup so to have a prominent eye and lip didn’t feel natural to her, but I think everyone looked AMAZING. I wish I could bring Ty everywhere with me, she nailed every girl’s look, boosting everyone’s natural beauty with a little something extra! I would hire her for literally any event I needed my makeup done, and I would highly recommend her for any wedding.
  5. DressesFor the dresses, I found them through a specialty bridesmaid shop called Brideside. Brideside has locations in Chicago, NYC and Charlotte. Their set is is unique and they can send samples to different locations around the country, so you can try on dresses you like without having to go into a shop. Funny enough, they had the dress collection that was in specific images I shared with our stylist and it definitely made the whole process easier! Andrea and Laura came with me and tried on a bunch of dresses, so we felt good about the styles available within the dress collection. Each girl selected her own style, they ended up with all different ones which worked perfectly. Our stylist was actually Devin, from Walton & Rush aka a local Chicago style blogger! She has an awesome, super stylish look and promised me that the color “French blue” would be closest to the light grey I was envisioning /referencing from the photos I’d saved on Pinterest. I’m glad I trusted her as she was completely right, the dresses turned out perfectly. Each girl selected her own accessories i.e. jewelry & shoes. I really didn’t care, I know all of the girls have awesome taste and wanted everyone to feel comfortable. I actually told Prudence I didn’t really love her earrings (hey, she asked!) and she told me to trust her it would come together and it certainly did!jes-ben-wedding-highlights-79.jpgDresses by Watters in French Bluejes-ben-wedding-highlights-78.jpg
  6. Pashminas The weather in Columbus in November is a total crapshoot, I had no idea if we were going to end up with snow or rain or sunshine or clouds. It ended up being a frigid day, 20 degrees below average haha. When I saw it was trending to be that chilly, I rush-ordered these pashminas from Etsy and they were a cute addition! If I were planning a wedding again, I would buy these if there was any potential for chilly weather. They comp’d the rush shipping and were under $50 for 8 of them. They came personalized, which wasn’t a must-have but certainly a nice touch!jes-ben-wedding-highlights-74.jpg

Some more pictures of the girls!


Dresses by Watters in French Blue




“Pretend like it’s not 30 degrees with wind gusts”


Can’t pretend anymore…we are freezing!


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