The Healthy Habits I’m Incorporating into My Routine

The Healthy Habits I’m Incorporating into My Routine

I promised myself I would have a fun, carefree Summer chockfull of rosé, food festivals, and BBQ. However now that it’s officially Fall, it is time to clean up my routine. My main motivation may be looking and feeling my best on my wedding day later this year, but these tips are applicable anytime.

I was very adamant on enjoying my summer to the fullest extent, which for me meant enjoying all of the delicious food & beverages that comes along with it. I don’t know about you, but I always hit my highest weight of the year in the summer. The days are that much longer which makes going out for a drink al fresco a lot easier.

Now that the temperatures have dropped and passing on that last minute happy hour is just a little bit easier, I’m ready to kick my healthy habits into gear. Here are the #savagesix tips I’m incorporating into my routine. I want to make sure I look good and feel good inside out during the months to come.

  1. More Water We hear nearly every day how important it is to drink water. But if you’re anything like me, I still have a hard time getting the recommended daily allotment of H2O. I’ve noticed a substantial shift in my intake since making it a point to bring one of my water bottles with me wherever I go. Work, a friend’s house, the gym, a flight (emptying and filling up after security), even while I’m at home. I also really like ice water, so I try to keep it chilled or in the fridge overnight so it’s ready for me the next day.
  2. More Sleep I’ve tried to squeeze in a couple additional morning workouts, which naturally means I’m hitting the sack earlier. Then a pretty bad sinus infection knocked me sideways, and the biggest cure in my mind is making sure I’m getting lots of zzz’s. It might sound a little ridiculous but I’m in bed before 9P most nights, averaging between 8-9 hours. I’m sure I have lots of parents out there rolling their eyes at this, maybe even a couple of dog p’s. But we don’t have kids yet and Ben likes going to sleep early as well, so if you can take advantage of it, do it! I’m working on a piece specifically about what I keep in my nightstand to naturally encourage sleep and will post next week!
  3. Less Booze Well. Duh. Obviously this a no brainer, but it’s probably been one of the most impactful factors for me. And of course, booze affects lots of other things…getting quality sleep, a legitimate workout, your appetite, your mood. During the summer I would enjoy happy hour or a dinner on the patio with Ben and/or friends during the week, a glass of wine on a rooftop while the sunset. Some Truly’s poolside or a couple of beers at a BBQ over the weekend. It’s easier now to skip a few social outings during the week and swap a glass of wine with dinner for a Perrier or LaCroix. I also love the blackberry Spindrift’s on ice. I’ve mostly cut out booze during the week and kept it to a couple of drinks in the evenings over the weekends.
  4. Pass the Veggies, Please I like following the loose rule of thumb of eating like a vegetarian during the week. I eat a LOT of my favorite spicy veggie patties and these natural California burgers. Salads are a weekday lunch staple and I also love hard-boiled eggs, avocado and falafel. I don’t miss the meat!
  5. Cheese-Free Weekdays This actually pains me to write. PAINS ME. I love cheese, it’s one of the greatest gifts on this earth. In any format – cheese board, topping a salad, finishing off a pasta, pizza, string cheese. A pinch of Parmesan from the fridge as a ‘snack’ just because. But when I’m really trying to be healthy, I completely skip it during the week. It hurts. But it’s worth it.
  6. Indulging in Cheat “Evenings” Thinking back over the past few weeks, I haven’t cut anything out completely. And I don’t have ‘cheat days’, where I’m eating junk all day long either. I will balance it by ordering whatever I want while out to dinner and eating healthily throughout the day. Or very importantly maintaining “Pizza Sundays,” where we order Lou Mahnlnati’s deep dish and binge Netflix.

What are your go-to healthy habits? Would love to hear your comments, thoughts and/or suggestions. Post below or send me an email anytime at





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