A Few Fall Staples from the Madewell Sale

A Few Fall Staples from the Madewell Sale

Madewell is having a sale across the entire site until tomorrow evening at 11:59P EST. I picked up some #savagesix staples for Fall that will easily transition into Winter, including my go-to tees. 

Well unfortunately for my self control, I keep promising myself that I will cut it out with the Fall shopping, but there are a few sales that are tough to resist. One of them being the sale that is going on at Madewell right now, where you can receive 20% off your order of $100+ or 30% off orders $200. I grabbed a few items from their website that are en route as we speak.

On a Saturday afternoon two weeks ago, as I was still fending off a raging sinus infection and figured it was as good a time as any to flip over my closets and get ready for Fall. In full transparency, I thought this whole process would take no more than 45 minutes. I have a Goodwill nearby and am regular as I can be about giving away items as they either fall apart or trend themselves out of my wardrobe. Three and a half hours and five huge bags filled with clothes to giveaway later, I realized I grossly under-estimated my Saturday chore.

But as I stood there, feeling incredibly refreshed and proud of the progress I had made, I also came to another realization. That with all of the clothes I have currently in my closet, I really have done a good job of filling it with quality, staple pieces to make it easy for me to mix & match. Sure, I can (and will, and have) throw in the occasional trendy piece here and there (hellllo leopard blouse/mules/pashmina) but for the most part, I try to keep the pieces as ‘basic’ as possible. With that said, once Ben came home from watching football with some guys I made the confession that really, I have what I need for now minus a good black sweater and a pair of leather (not suede!) booties to sustain the upcoming Winter in Chicago.

To my delight, Madewell recently announced a sale on their items so I visited the site with the intent to find a solid black sweater and grab a couple more tees. Here’s what I found and how I plan to wear them over the next few months.

  1. Texture and Thread Wrap Sweater: Was this on my list of wardrobe-staples-to-buy? Nope. But it was on sale for $35, which since I did end up hitting the $200 mark was under $25. I’m thinking of wearing it on Thanksgiving Day with dark jeans and my light tan suede Sam Edelman booties (I got them from the Nordstrom Sale, you can see them here.)
  2. Balloon Sleeve Pullover Sweater in Black: The main reason I came to the sale. I think this will look cute with an old light tan suede skirt I have, tights & over the knee boots or just jeans and booties. Inevitably I am sure I will end up wearing this all season and into Winter.
  3. Textured Tie-Front Top: The top I 100% did not need, but couldn’t resist. I love having a clean white top I can dress up for work or wear out to brunch with girlfriends.
  4. Velvet Wrap Bodysuit: I went out on a limb on this one, it’s a little trendier than what I would buy from Madewell (which I consider an expert at the basics) but I’m hoping it fits nicely. I love the blue color and this would be perfect to throw on for date night.
  5. Whisper T-Shirt: THIS is one of my favorite t-shirts ever! It fits nicely and is flattering. Since it’s white, it’s a staple I wear quite often, so I got one as a backup.
  6. Whisper Tank Top: Same deal as the t-shirt but I actually only own this tank in black, so I thought I’d swoop one up in white as well. Just in case.

Do you like Madewell? What are your favorite pieces from the store? I have yet to try their jeans but am impressed that they have both a tall AND taller selection! Let me know your favorites in the comments or email me anytime at savagesentiments@gmail.com.




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