Breakfast vs. Brunch from Ben’s POV

Breakfast vs. Brunch from Ben’s POV

And why he often eats his eggs solo on the weekends.

Much to my surprise even to this day, Ben and I met on the dating app, Bumble. For those of you who don’t know how the dating app works, once two people ‘match,’ the girl has 24 hours to send a note or the match expires. Ben had quoted “breakfast, not brunch” so I asked him why that was the case in my first message to him.

I would learn over the following months, and even as I sit here on my couch, that Ben is an early riser. Case in point, he’s been up since 5A this morning watching the Ryder Cup. His response was simple enough, “once brunch comes around, I’ve already enjoyed half of my day.” When he’s not trekking out to the suburbs for golfing with the guys, he’s up by 7a for a workout. Often he follows that up by bellying up to the breakfast bar at Nookie’s. He never waivers on his order, a Denver omelette sans side of potatoes and plenty of coffee to go along with it. (Because even early risers need some extra caffeine to get through the day.)

I’ve tagged along to Nookie’s every now and then following a visit to our shared gym, but for the most part Ben prefers to go by himself. I have never been offended by this. We met in our 30’s and at that point, each of us had established ‘single habits’ in our lives. I enjoy getting up, going to a Pure Barre class, swinging through Target and tidying up my/our apartment. Not very thrilling, but I’ve had similar weekend habits for the past decade. When I lived in NYC it was the same story, but swap out Equinox and the Union Square Farmer’s Market as my regular haunts. Ben clearly had his go-to habits as well. I love that we have been able to come together as a couple, but simultaneous maintain our individuality and independent habits.

Yes, I’ve joined alongside B for breakfast. I dream about the tomato/bacon/hash-brown/cheddar skillet with eggs over-easy and a side of wheat toast. Admittedly I’ve never been able to finish my meal in its entirety, if you’ve been to Nookie’s you know why. And if not, add it to your list. But should I find myself frying up my own eggs on the skillet while Ben dives into omelette, I’ll be just as content. As long as it’s before 12 so it’s still considered breakfast, not brunch.


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