Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I absolutely love warm weather and the breeziness that comes with throwing on a dress or shorts and a tee in the summer, but there is something about Fall fashion that just speaks to me. Crisp jackets, boots and booties, dark skinny jeans and a pretty blouse are just a few of my favorite wardrobe staples. Generally we wait for the temperatures to start falling before we’re ready to officially start shopping for a new season, as it can be a strange feeling to buy a wool coat when you’re still lying at the pool in your bikini. Luckily for Nordstrom shoppers (or not, depending on how you look at it) their Anniversary sale provides you with an incentive to shop for fall fashions way ahead of the season at incredibly reduced prices. I’m a sucker for this sale and look forward to it every year, who doesn’t love finding deals on fall clothes months in advance??

When the sale begins (key dates and notes below) you’ll be able to shop the upcoming seasons’ trends & staples at reduced prices before the product ever hits the shelves. So you can knock out some of your shopping ahead of the curve and not need to wait closer to the end of the season to snag your finds once they go on sale. I always feel better about shopping for larger staple items I know I’ll use throughout the upcoming months (jeans, boots, a new jacket and maybe a bag) on sale without having to watch over it for weeks on end hoping the price comes down. Then I can fill in my closet with more fast fashion items from my favorite stores like Zara or even Target for fun pieces I might not wear very long or very many times. A few tips and FYI’s for shopping the sale are below!

Key Dates

  • July 12th – “Early Access” begins for Nordstrom card holders. I was resistant to open up another credit card, so I actually chose to open a debit card instead so it keeps me in check! I wouldn’t normally encourage needing a card to get early access, but things sell out so quickly it’s easier in my opinion to have first dibs of your favorite finds and in the size you are looking for. You can apply here.
  • July 20th – The sale opens up to the public, and both card holders and non-card holders can shop the sale.
  • After August 5th everything goes back up to full price, where it will likely stay at the original price until closer to the end of the season.

Tips & Tricks

  • Set a budget for yourself. It can be easy to go a little crazy during this sale, but focus on what you have in your budget for clothes and if you have room to splurge, go for it. I try to think since I’m shopping in advance I can spend a little more than I normally would, and then remind myself I have less to spend once I am ‘in season’ aka Fall actually rolls around. If anyone has any easy budgeting tips for this let me know as it’s definitely an area I could improve upon!
  • Focus on the items you can build your closet around. Last year I knew I needed a few key things, a new bag for work, a bag to run errands/to and from the gym with, a pair of heels, booties and a jacket. When the sale opens up, instead of feeling rushed go in and sort by category and size and even price point to find what you are looking for. Look through your closet and decide what you can really use, so you aren’t aimlessly shopping and tempted to buy more than you actually need.
  • Get yourself a sneak peek Along these same lines, check out the preview catalog (here) to help give you an idea of the things you need and the things you want that you can add to your cart once the sale opens up.
  • Free shipping and returns! Nordstrom is SO GOOD about free shipping and returns and this convenience is one of the key reasons I tend to default to them as my key retailer. If you have the flexibility in your budget, I would recommend ordering a couple of different sizes if you are unsure and then you can send back what you don’t need. OR, you can go into the store or even a Nordstrom Rack to get your money refunded back instantly.
Here are some items from the catalog I have my eye on – I’ll create a new post with my top 6 finds for stapes & 6 finds for accessories next week once the sale goes live!

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