Favorite Pieces of Workout Gear Right Now

Savage Six – Top Pieces of Fitness Apparel I (Gleefully) Purchased 

When it comes to working out, the physical definition of what that movement looks like has a different definition for each of us. Some of us swear by early morning workouts, some evening and some prefer the lunch hour/afternoon routine. Some people are Crossfit fanatics while others wouldn’t dream of missing a Pilates class. In this day and age the options are endless yet one common denominator applies to each of us, and that is motivation. Whether it’s your running club, your favorite teacher or a calmer mindset you’re seeking, each of us has a different motivational driver.

At the start of 2018 my motivation was feeling fit & confident for my wedding later this year. As a years-long class fanatic, I decided to trade in my monthly studio memberships and Classpass payments for regular Soul Cycle classes and a year-long subscription BBG. I’ll discuss my specific routine in another post, but I was feeling refreshed and energized to have a new type of workout to discover. Although for Christmas my fiancé had gifted me a couple of new Lululemon jackets and Nike hats (I love wearing hats when I workout), my fitness wardrobe was still feeling a bit stale.

However for many reasons I wasn’t feeling inspired to shop for new gear. Not only is it expensive but it also rarely fits exactly in the way I would want it to, usually due to rigid fabrics or short inseams. But then a few weeks ago I complimented my friend and go-to Soul Cycle buddy, Molly on her variety of outfits, as she always looks stylish in different threads for class. While I assumed most of her outfits were from Lulu, luckily for me she shared her secret that most everything she wears is Gap Fit, GFast specifically being her legging of choice.

When the recent 40% off all things Gap sale went live a couple weeks ago, I decided to give a couple of pairs and tanks a whirl, figuring worst case scenario I could simply return them. Let me tell you, when that package arrived I was nearly shrieking in excitement with how adorable the pieces are in real life AND THEY FIT! Gap offers regular, petite and tall sizing. Personally it’s incredibly hard for me to find pants that are long enough, cute and comfortable and these fit the bill perfectly. I went back to order a few more things this morning and happily discovered that nearly everything is 50% off, with an additional 20% off the final purchase with the promo code GOBIG. I’ve rounded up my Savage Six, my top favorite picks from the sale. If you are looking to refresh your Spring workout gear, now very well may be the time for you! I paired my outfits with my favorite Nike golf hats, socks from Target and wireless Apple earbuds. Then I promptly gave these a spin the next morning in Soul Cycle class and I definitely think I had a little extra pep in my step. I would think it was all in my head but I found Shape had published this article, giving some validity to my stylish, sweaty theory.


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