The Things I Added to my Shopping Cart This Week

The Things I Added to my Shopping Cart This Week

If we were to sit down and chat about our hobbies, inevitably one of the first things I would bring up in our discussion would be my love of grocery shopping. In fact, I was at a wedding shower over the weekend when it came up in conversation and the girl one-upped me, saying that her and her fiancé regularly have dates at Mariano’s as one of their friends plays the piano there as a fun side gig. My fiancé would rather do almost anything than go to the store with me (he says I’m too slow!) so yea, I was kind of jealous. And if you don’t know what I am talking about with this piano-at-a-grocery-store-business, you can read an article about it here.

I’m not really sure when my fondness of the grocery store grew but I truly enjoy spending time there, reading the labels, discovering new products and finding inspiration based on what is on-sale or freshly in-season. Each week, I’ll round up the 6 things I added to my cart that week. More than likely the items will be from my weekend visits to the supermarket as that’s the shopping I favor, others it might be Sephora, Amazon, my local wine shop or something fun for my closet. I was the oldest of 6 kids growing up (The Savage Six) and it was a pretty awesome number. A big number but not too many, not to us, anyway! So it seems fitting to use The Savage Six as the go-to number for my weekly roundups.

Week of March 11th: Whole Foods

  1. Ginger Shot
    • I started to lose my voice on over the weekend, and whenever I’m feeling under the weather I’ll swing by the Real Good Juice counter for a ginger shot with turmeric, lemon, oil of oregano and black pepper oil. They’re very spicy and take awhile to drink despite their small size. They are meant to be anti-inflammatory and help immunity and I’m convinced they help colds/coughs/stuffiness.
  2. Raspberries
    • I always say that raspberries are ‘Mother Nature’s gummi bear.’ I could easily eat all of them straight out of the carton and for me, they satisfy the gummi/candy craving. I usually kickoff my morning with vanilla yogurt topped with some raspberries and granola. Whole Foods always has a fresh selection and even though they aren’t currently in season, I don’t mind the extra tartness.
  3. Cherry Tomatoes
    • I think about cherry tomatoes in a bit of a similar fashion as I do raspberries – I could sit and eat a bunch of them out of the container. I think the mini-versions of tomatoes are better year round and I use them in all sorts of capacities, thrown into a red sauce, blistered on a roasting pan, sliced and tossed into a salad. Most weeks I throw a mixed variety in my basket.
  4. Shaved Parmesan
    • Typically I get my shaved Parm from Costco, as it’s a refrigerator staple I insist on always have on-hand so buying it in bulk is ideal. However I was completely out and only wanted to go to one store this Sunday, so a container of fresh Parm from Whole Foods was the solution this week. I think shaved Parmesan melts better than shredded or grated and I love how a pinch of it can make a difference on so many dishes. I use it on roasted veggies out of the oven, salads and atop of pasta and lasagna.
  5. Garlic
    • I buy a jumbo head of garlic every single week! In the article I wrote for MyRecipes (you can read it here!) I talked about how I love smashing and chopping the bigger version. I find chopping garlic to be relaxing and I love the aroma it creates when fried up on the stove or within a dish in the oven.
  6. Tulips
    • My weekly indulgence for my apartment is definitely flowers! Whole Foods has really reasonable prices for flowers that are in season. These are a must-buy on my weekly list to keep my place feeling lively and fresh.

It’s still chilly in Chicago, and of course it snowed all day today. But seeing as how next week officially marks Spring, I’m looking forward to adding some seasonal produce to my basket, such as peas or asparagus. I’ll post the next “Savage Six” in a week!


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