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Since I was a young girl, I absolutely loved keeping a ‘journal’. I spent hours and hours after school locked up in my room writing in binders upon binders on my bed. I remember thinking one day my collection of thoughts could be amassed into an interesting novel of sorts, ‘the evolution of a young girl becoming a teenager before shipping out to college’ and all of the highs & lows, trials, tribulations and moments in between. Journaling was freeing, enlightening and therapeutic in many ways.

Today the mere thought of my teenage angst being documented makes me cringe, but the desire to publicly journal or share my writing has hummed under the surface for years. My 20’s have come and gone through a decade of launching a career, creating post-college friendships while maintaining my college coed ones, developing long-distance relationships with my family, dating plenty of frogs, embarking on adventures at-home and abroad, sorting out how to become an independent adult and re-routing my career path from Chicago to NYC and back again. I’m in my mid-30’s embarking on a chapter of life many others have already flipped through, finding ‘the one’ and getting married later this Fall 2018. Maybe I should have started writing or blogging sooner, capturing those life experiences not only with photos and social media but through words and stories. Truth be told, it has scared me beyond action to try and find my voice and put a stake in the ground behind it.

Yet here I am and I am ready to give it a whirl. By no means of the word going am I going to claim that I am a superior writer, that my cooking skills are top-notch or that my life advice/tips and tricks can hold a candle to anyone else’s. But I am going to start writing again and use this platform as home to my collection of sentiments. I would absolutely love to inspire, empower and/or motivate the community to recognize and be confident in their creativity and inner strengths. My core interests are cooking, fitness/wellness and life in Chicago…and maybe I’ll sprinkle some wedding planning in between. Time will tell as I find my ‘voice’. With that said, thank you for being here and welcome to Savage Sentiments! This site was lovingly named by my sister-in-law, Rachel.

Savage = my (current) last name and also used as an adjective ‘ferocious, fierce’

Sentiments = exaggerated and self-indulgent feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia



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